Since 1.01.2020 a bike ticket is available, that is valid in the Euregio Maas-Rhine. The ticket costs 4 Euro and is available at all public transport operators in the Dutch and German part of the Euregio that allow the transport of bicycles in their trains and as a mobile Ticket via the App DB Navigator.

The ticket is also valid in Belgian SNCB trains, but the ticket is not sold in Belgium. In Belgium a Belgian bike ticket needs to be purchased, the ticket is also recognized in the Euregio, but is only valid for a single journey. When using the ticket, the existing limitations for the transport of bikes of the operator must be respected. The ticket simplifies exploring the Euregio Meuse-Rhine by bike, because only one ticket needs to be bought and is the perfect addition to the euregioticket.

A campaign for the ticket planned for the start of the cycling season 2020 had to be postponed to 2021 due to the Corona-Pandemic. Within Belgium bikes in public transport are free until 31.12.2020 but it is still required to get a (free) ticket from the ticket machine and restrictions for certain lines to the coast must be respected.